What We Offer

All the Basics

We uphold the principles of Mediation offering a voluntary, confidential, impartial self determining service.

Specialist Service

We offer specialist Mediators in areas including Workplace, Commercial, Family, Community, International, Restorative Justice, and Separating Couples,

The Small Print

All Mediators working with us are of high quality, fully insured, accredited, and abide by the code of conduct and ethics prescribed by their professional body.

Our Passion

We are passionate about promoting the process of Mediation, educating and informing interested parties about the significant change in the law, what Mediation entails, and the enormous benefits it offers.

Mediation is the modern approach to resolving disputes. It reduces stress, cost and the timeframe in which agreement may be achieved. Mediation is the smart, practical and highly effective choice for those in contention.