What is Mediation?

Mediation is a highly effective, legally recognised, Dispute Resolution process. It is Voluntary, Confidential, and crucially Self Determining. Where possible, an impartial Mediator ensures the parties are heard, their issues are identified, solutions are proposed, agreements are reached. Agreements are not always possible, however the success rate is very high, and partial agreements are often secured. If the matter is partially agreed, it will still limit stress, time, and money spent going forward. Mediation is a real alternative, it is regulated, it is constructive, and most importantly it is an extremely successful method of resolving conflict

A Voluntary Process

Mediation is only undertaken when both parties agree to Mediate. It is an entirely voluntary process..

A Confidential Process

Mediation is an entirely confidential process and irrespective of what is discussed the content cannot be used in any subsequent procedure that may be undertaken. Mediators are bound by this and as such do not even keep documentation beyond the scope of the Mediation.

A Self Determining Process

Through the legal process and alternative other dispute resolution processes, the decision is “inflicted” upon the parties as they have no part in the outcome. Choosing Mediation, if agreement is reached, ensures both parties have a say in an agreement.

An Impartial Process

Mediation requires the Mediator to be entirely neutral, offering both parties time to explain their situation without taking sides. The intention is to ensure an equal opportunity to present issues, discuss concerns and work towards mutually acceptable solutions.

A Real Alternative

Mediation is now part of our legal system. The process is regulated. Professional bodies are established. Solicitors are now required to suggest Mediation as a an alternative to legal proceedings and are also required to give you details of possible mediators. Mediation can avoid significant stress, time and cost and can offer sustainable resolutions. The scope of Mediation is broad, it offers assistance to parties in dispute whatever the nature including Community, Commercial, Family, International, Separating Couples, Restorative Justice,and Workplace.

Mediation is the modern approach to resolving disputes. It reduces stress, cost and the timeframe in which agreement may be achieved. Mediation is the smart, practical and highly effective choice for those in contention.